WCS Food Industries (M) Sdn. Bhd. was founded by traditional bakery enthusiasts Mr. Ng Kok Yong and Pang Mei Ling in 2000.

WCS Food Industries was a bakery that had only 12 workers when it was found. Within 15 years, with the improvement of product quality, innovations of new flavours and types, successful management of human resources and the continuing spirit of seeking improvements, this company has managed to reach out nationwide and owned a factory for mass production. Even with limited manpower during the early years, the company was able to produce 10CTN of pastries per day. Now, with all efforts given since its founding, the factory has been able to produce at least 250CTN ton to 400 CTN pastries per day. The company has 150 workers as of now.......

News & Events:

New Product Launch - Wafer Chocolate Bar

26 May, 2016